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The pressures of day to day life can take a serious toll on the body, with back and neck aches extremely common for people from all walks of life. Deep tissue massage is the ideal way to get rid of these pains and is perfect for generating a feeling of calm and relaxation. Estes Park Massage offers a range of services for massages and reflexology designed to have you experiencing peace and tranquility. Our services are priced per appointment so that you can enjoy the most beneficial massage without breaking the budget.

Massages for Deep Tissue Near Me

At Estes Park Massage, we know that each person has unique ailments, which is why we have put together the most comprehensive list of massage services in Estes Park, CO. Enjoy a hot stone massage or a Swedish massage to soothe away the aches and pains, an aromatherapy massage that offers exceptional relaxation, or a Thai massage to target problematic areas. Our team members are experts in prenatal massage to help you deal with the changes in your body. Our raindrop technique is perfect for reducing pain and inflammation in the back, while our eclectic massage offers a unique and personalized massage experience.

Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure is applied to increase circulation of blood and lymph. This is a relaxation massage and is not intended to reduce major muscular tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

Medium to deep pressure, applied with your feedback for comfort level, to reduce muscular tension which is chronic or acute. This type of massage is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called the connective tissue. Undo your tension and knots with this modality.

Hot Stone Massage

 Heated basalt stones are used in conjunction with your therapist hands to melt away the tension and bring you to a tranquil, grounded state.

Hand and Foot Massage

For those who love their extremities massaged! During this treatment you remain fully clothed. This is a great introduction to massage for those who are uncertain. Reflex points in the hands and feet will be massaged to leave you feeling blissful.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is ancient bodywork from Thailand which incorporates gentle rocking, compression, acupressure, passive stretching, and energy work. Thai Massage is done on a futon-like flood mat to accommodate its unique, dynamic nature. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy include improved flexibility, decreased joint pain, release of deep and superficial tension, all of which will help the body’s natural energy open and flow.

Aromatherapy Massage

Your therapist will pick essential oils to compliment you and your individual needs, goals, or conditions based upon a brief intake and discussion. Balance and harmonize your body and mind!

Eclectic Massage

Your therapist uses intuition to cater the massage to your individual needs using essential oils, varying massage modalities, hot stones, reflexology, and energy work.

Energy Work

Your therapist will provide a healing energy session based upon training in Reiki, Healing Touch, or another energy modality. For this session, you remain fully clothed. Relax and let the mind, body, and spirit reconnect and heal.


Pressure points in the feet correspond to every part of the body. This foot massage is designed to relax the whole body, stimulate reflex points to alleviate specific conditions, stimulate the internal organs, and restore you to your natural state of homeostasis.

Prenatal Massage

A massage catered to the expecting woman to help alleviate pregnancy prone areas of tension.

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Massages are the ideal way to soothe away the pains in any area of the body. Estes Park Massage offers a range of services designed to have you feeling relaxed. Book now by calling (970) 586-4547.


All massages are priced based upon time reserved, not treatment type, so you can treat yourself to what sounds appealing not what is more affordable













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