Deep Tissue Massage For Muscle Recovery

There are many different options or methods available to help address muscle pain after any type of injury, illness, or medical procedure. For those living in or near Estes Park, CO, utilizing the services of a massage therapist offers several benefits to aid in healing and recovery.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is not the same as other forms of massage. The massage therapist utilizes steady, even pressure to target the layers of muscles beyond those immediately under the skin’s surface. The result is a slow, even movement that stimulates the muscle while also allowing it to relax. The targeted pressure is therapeutic and highly effective in managing both pain and musculoskeletal issues.

Benefits of Massage

The benefits of deep tissue massage include:

  • Reduction in pain – through increased blood flow and stimulation of the deeper muscle layers, muscle tension is released, which in turn reduces chronic or acute pain.
  • Reduces scar tissue – the buildup of scar tissue can lead to mobility problems in joints, which can also cause pain and stiffness. Massage helps to break up the scar tissue and increase circulation in the area, helping to boost joint mobility.
  • Releases tension and stress – stress and tension can result in tight muscles across the back, shoulders, and neck area. Massage effectively releases these muscles, helping to reduce stress and to reduce the risk of headaches and other pain associated with muscle tension.
  • Increased circulation – massaging the muscles helps to increase circulation to the area of the body, which helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

If you are in or near Estes Park, CO, plan to schedule a massage therapy session if you are experiencing chronic pain, stress and tension, or are recovering from any type of musculoskeletal injury.

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